Our Automotive Floor Coating System prevents damage. Technicote Inc., provides Durable Flooring for the automotive sector. Our floor coating solution is ideal for automotive workshops, showrooms, and manufacturing and storage areas. Our Durable Flooring provides great wear and tear resistance to the daily routines of the automotive industry including greasing, tightening screws and painting, mounting and welding. The engines, tools and machines used in a garage require a firm footing in the form of Durable Flooring. Technicote’s Automotive flooring Solution is ideal for use in automobile repair shops, automobile manufacturers, showrooms, as well as at accessory manufacturers.

In addition, our flooring solutions are set on a reactive resin base and may be used in both new buildings and for renovating old buildings. Technicote offers a very robust and easy to maintain flooring system that is ideal for every garage. Our floors are safe, clean and durable, thus preventing aggressive media such as greases, lye, motor oils and fuels from seeping into the reactive resin floors. It is easy to remove everything quickly and thoroughly from your non porous floor surface. Moreover, a basin may be formed to catch liquids at the section where your floor meets your wall. This gives you a safe and secure floor system that will prove beneficial in the long run. Withthis type of flooring solution, you do not have to worry about scratches and abrasion from falling tools and heavy machinery. Let us install our highly durable Automotive Flooring System today.