We have over 60 years of combined experience in the coating industry. We have used that knowledge to design and install the ideal system for specific conditions at facilities all across the country. Additionally, as approved applicators for most of the major coating manufacturers, we can call on the resources of their technical service departments for a unified effort to recommend the best system and value for our clients.
We Are the Specialists
We are specialists and experts when it comes to resinous coating systems. “Specialists” is a word that people like to throw around frequently without true significance, but industrial coatings is all we do and we do it the best. Applying resinous coatings over a concrete substrate and getting them to stay down, while people walk, run, drive, drop and scrape things over them is a specialty that requires special craftsmen who know what products work best with the substrate and what preparation work will keep your floor looking the best for years to come.